WOVOdat - Data on Volcanic Unrest

Data Policy for WOVOdat

Last Updated Aug 2015

The data in WOVOdat are contributed by member observatories, university scientists, and others in the interest of free and open, non-commercial uses such as education, scientific research, and responses to volcanic crises. We welcome all interested data contributors and users. Data contributors must register so that proper credit can be given for their data contributions.

Policy re: data contributions

  1. Data in WOVOdat are owned by the individuals and their organizations that originally collected the data.
  2. The WOVOdat project will recognize and accept two categories of data:
    1. Available for immediate download.
    2. Available for searches and visualization immediately, and available for download after 2 years counted from the date of data collection.
  3. Although those who contribute data are generally the owners thereof, the WOVOdat project, WOVO, and IAVCEI cannot assess the validity of such claims.

Policy re: data use

Out of respect for the time, cost, and difficult work invested by the contributors to collect these data, we require that data users agree to the following rules:
  1. Data from WOVOdat may be used freely for crisis responses, school projects, research and publications that need to compare data from different volcanoes or episodes of unrest. If used for publication about a single volcano, you will acknowledge the owner and cite publication references where available, and offer to collaborate with the data owner(s).
  2. In general, data from WOVOdat should not be used for publicly forecasting the course of current unrest, except by observatories with official mandates for public forecasts in the relevant country.
  3. In citing data from WOVOdat, users should cite the owner(s) of the data, not only WOVOdat.
  4. No user may redistribute or charge for access to data obtained from WOVOdat. Those who use WOVOdat to make value-added products, e.g. risk models, are invited to sponsor further development and maintenance of WOVOdat.