WOVOdat - Data on Volcanic Unrest


WOVOdat Database uses formats and data structure as described in WOVOdat1.0 (Venezky and Newhall, 2007) . The current version is WOVOdat2.0. The overall structure was retained from v1.0 to v2.0; most changes are in the details of parameters.

We use MySQL database system, and convert all submitted data into xml-format (WOVOml).

User Manual

  • WOVOdat database Documentation/ Manual

    WOVOdat2.0 Manual (pdf)

  • Detail description of WOVOdat Tables

    WOVOdat2.0 Tables (online view)

  • Introduction how to use WOVOdat

    Introduction to using WOVOdat (pdf)

Database schema and structure

  • WOVOdat Schema xsd

    WOVOml2.0 Schema (online view)

  • WOVOdat structure in XML format and their related MySQL's attributes

    WOVOdat XML (online view)

Download WOVODat Standalone Package

For those from observatories willing to develop their database system using WOVOdat-like format, scripts are available here. These are basic scripts that could be used in starting database construction.

WOVOdat Data Flow

Details of data flow. From observatories submitting various data formats, through XML conversions with standardized terms, then upload and store into WOVOdat server.